"The Academy which turns out one of the best dancers in the country promises expert tuition and guaranteed results!!!"

The Leona Dean Dancers, who have sensationalized South Indian and North Indian dance, have inspired people of all age groups to learn Indian dance. With roots in modern dance, the academy offers a full range of dance techniques including Bhangra, North Indian and South Indian Folk and Contemporary Modern. We will help your child develop higher self esteem, better coordination, self discipline, creativity, confidence, a healthy body and mind and above all…a love for Dance! 

All classes are designed to challenge students to strive for personal excellence in a supportive, non environment. We now offer Bride & Groom opening dance with Choreography done to the song of your choice.

Academy Dance Instructors

Leona Dean

Nicolene Dean

Yuvthi Harielall

Levinia Govender

Dance tuition by dance experts Leona Dean (LLB; B.A.Dram; Bharatanatyam Graduate), Nicolene Dean (BSC; Bio Chem), Levinia Govender (BSocSc(Psych)) and Yuvthi Harrielall (BSCSIT(Computer Science,IT)). The dance tutors are the driving force behind the academy. They are dynamic, charismatic and intelligent young ladies whose dancing and academic profiles are inspiring to all our students.

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